The 3 bee's

We have been learning about to be respectful and kind and be safe and be your best. We need to remember do these things because it helps us to be a good student at Hope School. Ag


  1. Hi there! This is Caleb Dodunski's Nona writing all the way from England! Hi Caleb and all of your classmates I hope that you are enjoying school and that it is sunny over there as it has been snowing here and I even made my very own snowman!
    I Like your school motto very much be kind, be safe and be your best that is a woonderful way to be.
    It looks to me like you do some very exciting things at Hope school and i will keep an eye out for more of the things you are doing.
    Lots of Love from Nona x

  2. Hello there Nona!
    It was great to get your comment and the children smiled when they heard that you have been building snowmen. Have you seen Bear Grylls because he lives in England?? Do you have dog? How deep was the snow? Have you seen any foxes chasing squirrels? What other things (other than snow) did you use to make your snowman?

  3. Hello again, I have sent Caleb a photograph of my snowman and a letter about how i built it. Maybe you can take it in to school Caleb because i described how i built it in the letter.
    I haven't run into Bear Grylls yet (only on the television)but he seems to get up to some very interesting things doesn't he.
    I have seen lots of squirrels in the park where i go walking they are not the red ones but the grey ones, they tell me that there are not many red squirells left in England, They are very small and dont seem at all scared of people and if you sit quietly they make a funny little clicking noise a little bit like they are going tut tut and telling you off!
    I dont have a dog but my parents do it is a dog that was ill treated and they got it from a rescue place her name is Chelsea and she is a big brown greyhound. They also have a ragdoll cat called Dylan they are a very floppy cat with long hair and he makes the funniests noises instead of meowing he sounds like he is trying to talk to you.
    The snow was about 4 inches deep and it was very odd for a start it was very tiny little balls of snow almost looked like polystyrene but as small as a pinhead and stayed on the ground a bit like small white hail stones. Then as i sat watching out of the window, the snowflakes became really big and started to melt straight away so im thinking that they must have had a lot of water in them maybe nd after a little while it became a really heavy snowstorm and stayed on the ground until it was 4 inches deep and that is when i built my snowman. I actually built the snowman as a suprise for some relations of mine that are eighty years old and cannot get outside. So i had to build him on the lawn in the dark. It was very funny making a snowman in the dark and i was hoping that they wouldnt see me.
    The next morning they had a wonderful suprise when they opened the curtains and there stood this very large snowman they said there must have been fairies working in their garden all night long. It was very funny.
    When it snows here the weather turns from being freezing cold to being a little warmer, i wonder why it does that, maybe you know and can tell me?
    I saw a fox running along the side of the road one day when i was on my way to town i think he was a little bit lost as he was trying to cross the road (or maybe he was chasing a squirrel)so i stopped the car and let him go across the road and into a paddock and he ran off. Foxes are about the same size as a blue heeler dog but a brown colour.
    Thankyou very much for writing back it was a lovely suprise
    Love from Nona x

  4. Thank you for your quick response and your experience says that you care a lot for your parents by making them happy and giving them a surprise. Caleb says that he would like some Bear Grylls books please (I think I will challenge to find out about why the snow makes things warmer before you send any books). What types of fishing do you do in England? We have just finished our busy season of snapper fishing as they are spawning at the moment. Do you live near a river or lake. Maybe you could send us your address and we could find it on Google Maps. Has any lakes frozen over yet? Do you ever go swimming?


    1. Hello again, maybe Caleb you could find out about why the weather gets warmer just before it snows for me. It is strange isn't it because you would expect it to stay cold.

      I will have a look to see if there are any Bear Grylls book in the city here, I know he has written 5 childrens books. Books are a good thing to have because you can learn a lot of things from them.
      There is a river that runs through the village of Bardney it is called the River Witham. Fisherman sit on the riverbank and sometimes even sleep there and some have alarms on their fishing rods that make a loud sound so that if they are asleep it wakes them up to tell them they have caught a fish, it is called coarse fishing. The fish you can catch over here in the rivers and lakes are Pike (which is apparently not that edible they have a huge amount of tiny bones in them) Trout and Bream and Scotland which is a very long way from here have Salmon. Lakes have similar fish and the lakes are often man made but they aslo have very heavy big Carp which can weigh up to 60lbs (30kg) that is a pretty big fish isnt it.

      It has been too cold to go swimming over here and the rivers are not nice and blue or clean looking like they are in New Zealand. The rivers arent stony on the edges like yours are and the high grassy banks would make it difficut to get in and out and so most people in the winter use indoor pools which are heated.

      The Lake at Hartsholme Park that I sometimes walk round in Lincoln was half frozen over when it snowed. Caleb will soon be getting a photograph of me in the post, standing in front of the lake when it had been snowing.

      We need to stay safe like your school motto says so because this is the internet and anyone can see it if you dont mind I will ask Caleb to take my address to school so that you can all see on google maps where i am staying.

      I am about 10 miles away from Lincoln which has a huge cathedral it looks amazing and if you google Lincoln cathedral and Lincoln Castle you will see photographs of it.
      Nona x

  5. Thank you for the types of fish in your response. We are going to research whether we have these types of fish in NZ or not. Caleb will try hard to find out about the weather situation. The castle and cathedral look like Hogwarts school in Harry Potter. Have you been to the castle and cathedral. Are you close to the queen?

  6. Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the sun shone for you.
    I hope that your fish research is interesting I am sure it will be.

    Hi there Caleb I hope that your snow research is going ok I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Yes the castle and Cathedral do look a bit like they are Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Lincoln Cathedral is huge and sits high on a hill and i often wonder how they managed to build such a big building all those years ago.

    Caleb has actually been to Lincoln Cathedral and Castle when he was one year old he took a trip to the UK to visit his Great grandmas and great great grandmas we have photos but he probably wont remember going.
    One of the original copies of the Magna Carta from about 700 years ago is stored on display at the Lincoln castle I have seen that and i have been to the Cathedral and Castle many times it is a great place to visit.

    Inside the Lincoln Cathedral there is a part called the Angels Choir and hidden high up in the ceiling is the very famous Lincoln Imp.
    Legend has it that a little Little devil hundreds of years ago got into the Angels choir and he was a bit naughty so the Angels turned him into stone, he is very hard to find because he is carved into the stone and looks the same as the rest of the ceiling and all of the other decorations are Angles so it looks quite funny when you do find him. It did become well known though and some groups use the imps emblem in their name.

    From the bottom of the ground floor to the top of the highest tower there are 365 steps, one for each day of the year.
    There is a lot of history in Lincolnshire and if any of you like aeroplanes it is also home to the famous Red Arrows airforce aerobatic team that practice in the skys here on a regular basis. Lots of very old airforce planes fly over on a daily basis as there are several airforce bases in Lincolnshire. If you watched the fly over on TV when it was the Queens Jubilee you would have seen the Red Arrows and a really Big plane which was the Lancaster Bomber, it is a huge old war plane and I took Calebs Dad to see it when he visited me last year.

    The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle in London which is about 100 miles (about 200km) away from here and takes about 3.5 hours to drive there. I have been to London but i have not seen the Queen.....
    Hope you all have a great Monday......Nona...


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