Room 2 Week 3 Weekly Reflection

This week we are using the White Thinking Hat to reflect on the information/facts. What have we done this week:
  1. Writing-Adding more detail to our stories
  2. Reading-Browsing Box design/PAT's/Library
  3. Spelling-Spelling tests
  4. Swimming/PE-Mexican wave with a dive/Relays
  5. Basic Facts-What groups you were in and were tested
  6. Art-Title pages in our books
  7. Maths-Place value/Tens and Ones
  8. Buzz Groups-Daily language activity/Made a timetable for the 3/4 different jobs
  9. Fitness games
  10. Computers-Saving and reopening files from the server
  11. Munch and Crunch-Story and re-energiser for the afternoon
  12. The school was ours for a day-Other classrooms went on trips
  13. Sitting on the mat
  14. Maori-Learnt a new song and some commands
  15. Topic title page
  16. Jobs and class rewards and 3 B's
  17. Music-Make a thunderstorm with our bodies


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