Room 2 Week 4 Weekly Reflection

This week we are using the Blue Thinking Hat for our reflection. The thinking we are trying to do is looking at what do we do next with the activities we have completed in the class.
Art-Paper mache shapes with Tinga Tinga Art on it with the colours of the thinking hat
Art-Complete a fish with Tinga Tinga designs on it
Swimming-Kicking in the water and putting your face and head under the water
Maths-Make a real pizza and do fraction activities with it
Science-Creating our own forces at home and then showing them at school
Reading-Smurf group to make smurf puppets for our stage box we have found in the classroom. Other groups could also create their characters as puppets
Art-Making our reading groups names in Tinga Tinga design
Art-Using the vocabulary signs we created and putting Tinga Tinga designs on to it.
Reading-Making a book for Room 3
Art-Complete a cat using Tinga Tinga designs
Reading-Choose Library books at Library and then selecting books that children would like to read from Room 2
I am really impressed with how the class was able to connect and give reasons why we should do these activities next!! GREAT THINKING


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