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An Explanation Of TNT

I like to blow to up things on Minecraft. It's my favourite thing about the game. Tanky online is my favourite game and it lets me blow up things as well. by Ben
I don't like to blow up minecraft because it is awesome Ava p

Puppet Pals Two On The IPads

Puppet pals is a fun game on the iPads and I like making plays on it. AH

Blog Buddies

This is a list of all the people who are blogging in our class. Each pair blogs for up to fifteen minutes and blogs about an app or our learning.
First Week (Two pairs each day) Annabelle Ava H Ava P Ben Caleb Cam Cheyenne Deven Daniel David Edward Jazelle Ellen Greer Jesse Jonty Maia Nate Phoebe Poppy
Second Week (One pair per day) Preston Quintin Rylan Tessa Woofy The Dire Wolf  Tyler Zac Mr.C
By Woofy The Dire Wolf

Logo Guess

Logo Guess is a fun app we have on the iPad and in it you guess what a logo is and it is a really challenging game. TS

Slot Car Racing

This is slot car racing 

Zac won against Tyler by TD& ZF

Minecraft creative Mode

Minecraft creative mode is a fun mode where you can build whatever you want here's my house I made. Woofy The Dire Wolf

A.m.p show

At the a.m.p show there was a few activities. The one I liked the most was fast food. My second was the cookies. There was one more I didn't really like and it was the sand saucers. I made all of them. QR

Pigeon on the iPad

Fun game


Story making  By Poppy

A & P show

IDavid working on his fruit and vegeTessa is smiling with her sand saucer This is Ben's fruit and veggie novelty 
Super cool Cheyenne  Maia is working hard on her sand saucer Mk Nr

A&P Show

Today we made our entries for the a and p show tomorrow. I hope I am going to win with my vegetable man. This is my vegetable man JS

M + c

Munch + Crunch is in room 2 everyone likes it. See for your self. ES

Athletics Day

Room 2 camp

We went to camp and we had a lot of fun. The thing that inspired me was there was a lot of nice people that worked there. The activities were Archery, Ironman,  Trike racing and a lot of other things. QR

Mine craft rules


Author Visit at the TDC Library

Cath Welsh is a local author that writes about ponies and horses. Her new book is called Ponies of Pencarreg and you should be able to borrow it from the Library soon. She rescues Kaimanawa horses and other types and trains them with only a rope. She believes in this type of training for a horse as it is less intrusive and creates a bond of trust between the trainer and the horse.
Some of the children wanted to email and get in contact with her so here is her email address for you all:

House Points

This is a thing that is cool. House points! If we do things that are excellent we get house points. By CH And DA

Making a start on Mission Menu

This is a picture of Poppy completing the Art Challenge for Mission Menu for this term. Don't forget to make a start on your 3 favourite tasks!!