Weekly Reflection Week 7

The only hat to use now is the Green Thinking Hat. Here is what the Green Hat is about:

Green Hat Thinking focuses on creativity & innovation: possibilities, alternatives, solutions, new ideas.

When Black Hat Thinking reveals faults, the Green Hat is used to remove these faults. When Black Hat Thinking points out difficulties, Green Hat Thinking tries to overcome these difficulties.
We used this strategy last week to create our new goals. We will reflect on these goals we made last week and see how we did. We scored in pairs not by ourself.

Class Goal:
  1. Hands up to ask or answer a question  
  2. score/votes  5=1/7=3/8=3/9=2/10=5
  3. We will use technology to help our learning   
  4. score/votes  7=2/8=3/9=4/10=10 
Our new goal is to follow the pillow usage rules.  


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