Weekly Reflection Week 5

Room 2 celebrated Purple Cake Day this week by wearing purple to school on Friday and donating a gold coin. We are learning some Kenyan children's games, we made delicious purple sprinkled iced cupcakes, and we placed our gold coins on the cupcakes outside Room 1.

Our reflection thinking hat this week is the Yellow Hat. It means we are thinking about the good points and some questions to guide us are:
Why is it worth doing?
You are able to give money and other people benefit from it.
Raising money so they can attend school and learn like us.
To give money away to other countries because they might be poor. It's good to give because it helps us to be nice and not be selfish.
It can help people who are in need to buy food.
How will it help us?
We learn about other cultures and, in our case, their Art forms.
It will make us feel good.
It helps us to be kind to other people.
It helps us to be respectful and kind.
Will it work?
It will work because there is always people in need.
There is always going to be natural disasters in the world.
There will always be war which effects lots of people in the world. 


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