Weekly Reflection Week 6

This week we are going to be using the Black Thinking Hat which gets us to make assessments on the things that may not be going so well. This then helps us to reflect and hopefully fix these problems in the coming weeks.

Here are the class ideas:
Classmates are not always using the Ipad Apps, desktop computer links, and blog links that Mr C has told us we are allowed to go on.
Classmates are calling out and forgetting to put their hands up.
Classmates have been found not completing their Reading tasks correctly (when they are supposed to be doing poetry, they find themselves staring a a computer).
Some people are finding it hard to keep their hands to themselves.
Not enough people have been blogging about their learning.
During tidy up times, Room 2 aren't completing the activity together like they should.
Some people in Room 2 are taking too ling to get back to class after the bell.
Some children are using boards as splashing tools in the pool.
Children's behaviour is not as good as it was at the start of the year (whistling, talking on the mat).

The kids have chosen the two ideas in bold and we are going to focus on this for next week.


  1. Timmy came to me today and said he'd show what bad things we would like to improve on. (i think i sould use that hat too) Jane


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