Discovery Time 19th Aug

Goal=Taking risks/Attempting new things

Making a frog car out of egg cartons
Making shapes of glue with egg cartons
Making paper darts
Making pizza bases 
Using yeast to make the pizza rise
Winning a pizza base competition

Tasks for next time
Make your own puzzles
More baking
Peg guns
Pens and pencils
Dress ups/Costumes
Water Tray
Wood and Nails
Plastic containers/Making boats
Architecture and design


  1. Hi Mr.c I have been practising Reading And Maths On The BLOG111! :D :D :D ;D :D :D :D :D :D TPC!!1

  2. hi there mr c i am going on to the lynley dodd interview and all so lynley dodd was in nelson sining book and i wanted to do it but I
    was sick and did not like it so now i,m feeling great.

    lmm :D ps;for the alhphapet thing we go a book

  3. I would like to do baking and sacks

  4. I would love to do baking again cause it was so fun and sacks I want to have a go at. mk

  5. If we did dress ups I know who would go straight to it ELLEN!!!!!!. MAIA KININMONTH


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