Room 2 Term 3

A huge welcome back to you all from your holidays and it was great to see all the children after a couple of weeks break. Remember there is still time to post your Holiday Experience up on the Holiday Experience page of the blog. Well done to LW, LZ, TY, and HP for their contributions already. Every Monday we are going to be completing Discovery Time as a class and this provides a great starter to to week as it is a student-led learning environment that our school is implementing this term. Next Monday there are some resources we need to collect so we can complete Discovery Time and the proposed activities. If you have any sections of ropes or long ropes that the children could borrow, then could it be sent to class in a plastic bag or something similar to with your name on so it can be returned to you when we are finished using it. I also need an expert finger knitter or expert needle knitter to take an activity next Monday from 9-10:30. Please contact me at school if you have the time and are keen. Reading and Spelling books will arrive home on Tuesday! We are focusing on Managing Self for the term and it would be great to have a conversation with your child about how well they do this and what they could do to improve their management of themselves at school and at home.

Mr C


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