Maths Challenge Monday 23rd March

Today I gave the kids a fraction snake activity. Eating snakes is a delicacy in some parts of the world. Three people (colours on the left side of the picture) have ordered a piece of this snake but they would like at least half of the piece to match their colour.
Here are the rules for the activity:
1) The snake must be cut up into three pieces (they do not have be even pieces).
2) The 3 recipients of the snake pieces must get at least half of their own colour in their piece. 
Good luck and if you solve start making your own that follow the same rules as this but are different patterns.


  1. pretty sure it 6 & 4 i dunno craigs ( becky's family )

  2. We think cuts at 3 and 6 ;)
    Rebecca, her Mum and Dad

  3. Hi Mr.C Its Timmy I am in Tauranga now and going to a new school and I am even typing on their computers right now! From Timmy C


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