Discovery Time 02/09/13

Goal: Perserverance with a task

The children commented on ways in which they were able to think through situations and circumstances, showing perserverance. I felt like a very proud teacher!!

Context: Explorers

The four activities were able to give different platforms for the children to explore and learn about explorers. Rock Art was given the purpose of creating memories when you had finished your adventurous journey or exploration, building gave the children a chance to design equipment that a climber might use when scaling mountainous terrain, marble and tracks explored the concept of crossing large caverns and what you might need to think about, and the use of blocks looked at what you might build for the people who let you scale their local mountain.

Next weeks goal: Managing Ourselves to tidy up on time to get out to morning tea!


  1. looks like you like the painting Ellen. I loved doing the wood and the paint. MAIA KININMONTH

  2. Sophia you did a great job of the penguin rock.

  3. great house Lilly z. Maia kininmonth


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