Weekly Reflection Week 3 Term 2

White Hat Information
What have we done or learned this week at school?

  1. Hockey with Craig Brett
  2. Cross Country
  3. Remix with Dan and Dani
  4. New Boom Box for the class
  5. Kidpix car design
  6. BBQ/Fundraising for Natureland
  7. Sign Language
  8. Trolley design and create
  9. Printmaking with our cardboard trees
  10. New headphones for use with our technology
  11. Learnt more sight words in spelling
  12. NZ Falcon facts
  13. Multiplication strategies
  14. Basic facts and some people progressed in their group
  15. Library


  1. Hi Mrc I got a new hedgehog and like hunter I want to name it.It's going to be a challenge.Lilly zwart

  2. Hi mr c i am at school



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